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"The Beat" A Virtual 

Kid Talent Competition

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Request Entry Form 

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 Pay $50 Registration 

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About the Competition 

3 rounds of competition

Individual, Group or Schools may compete

3 Age groups categories

3 types of performers – Dance (Modern & Classical), Vocal (Solo & Group) & Musical Theater

Competitors From Anywhere in the World May Enter

Minimal fee $50 to enter

Cash & Prizes

Sponsorship available offering significant additional digital exposure

Age Groups


Competition is open to anyone 5 to 18 years old and is broken into 3 age groups.

Seniors –13 -18 years old

Juniors – 9 to 12

Sophomore  – 5 to 8

Note: age group does not apply to mixed age group performers such as a 5 piece band for example. In this case judges place these groups by their talent level i.e. Senior, Junior or Youngster


Three Types of performers by category:


Modern or Classical


Solo or Group

Musical Theater

Combining songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance

Round #1 

What You Need to Do


Send us a 3 to 5 minute video submitted on line only

Submission of an official entry form 

Click here to request registration form

Payment of entry fee

Click here to pay registration fee

Entry must be received as soon as possible before prices go up

Entry Fee

3/1/20 to 7/1/20 - $50 per performer or group/band

7/2/20 to 9/1/20 - $75 per performer or group/band

9/2/20 to 11/1/20 - $100 per performer or group/band

Entry must be received by 11:59 PM on 11/1/20


Last Chance FINAL DEADLINE FEES $200 per performer from 11/2/20 to 12/30/20


NOTE : ALL Entry fees are none refundable 

Round #2


The Top 150 videos move to Round #2


You are contacted by us by no later than 1/15/21 and are invited to perform live in front of the a live audience & judges

This round is held in Miami at 3 locations. 

Each performance is 3 to 5 minutes in duration and must be different than the original video submitted in round #1

Up to 150 performers are be invited to Round #2

A Total of 36 performers. 12 per age category are invited to move on to the Championship Round

The invited performers to Round #2 receive a “Congratulations Ribbon”

No additional fee is required to move to the next round

The Championship 


Takes place during The Kids Fest at the 7th Annual Miami Art & Mega 

January 30 – 31, 2021 (10 am TO 6 pm)

The Winners of Round #2 perform at 1 of 3 stages during the Championship Rounds.

3 Championship Rounds per age category.

Top 6 of 12 performers move on to the Semi- Finals

Top 3 of 6 performers move on to the Finals


Top 1 is declared the Champion for their age group


The 3 Champions of each age group compete for the overall title.


The Winner is declared The Kids Beat Talent Competition Best Performer  

The champions of each group (Senior, Junior or Sophomore) are selected by a group of 3 to 5 judges.

Champions of the 3 age Groups & the Overall Champion Receive​

Trophy for each member of the group or band

Cash Prize


A photo shoot from q professional talent photographer 


Hours of one on one training from a professional in your category


Photo & bio on the event website for 1 year


Automatically invited to perform at the event the next year.


Presents the trophy to the next years champion.

Receive 60 day free enrollment for a solo act and 30 days for a group up to 4 kids at their local participating School of Rock. 

A SWAG bag of goodies donated by our exhibitors and sponsors


Commemorative T-shirt

Other Prizes – TBD like free dinners, tickets to a theme park etc.



Includes all prizes mentioned above PLUS the overall champion receives a trip for each member of their group to perform in Disney World or a similar well-known place. This includes 1 parent/guardian per performer and all expenses are paid.


Note: If winner is from outside Florida transportation is not included





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